Unik chic est un accélérateur de créateurs fondé par la créatrice de Alisha Studio, Samia Mbarek.
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Unik chic is a fashion designers’ accelerator founded by the consultant and expert in the fashion industry, Samia Mbarek. Unik chic, takes under its wing 10 designers per trimester, so a total of 30 brands per year.

Our Story

Founded in 2020, Unik Chic accelerator is an acceleration program aiming at emerging premium fashion start-ups. Its goal is to help brands develop their production process and increase their profits, based on market research, by giving them access to new markets and by elaborating a proper strategy. We help organize and better an already existing brand.
We provide them with trainings, capital and personalized coaching to enable them to elevate their brands to the top.
At the end of the acceleration program, the designers are able to produce more than three collections per year and sell them throughout Tunisia, and in the long term in the MENA region, and in Europe.
Unik chic has a unique advantage, in the existence of its online platform, and our many partnerships in a vast variety of fields.

Our platform offers visibility, and is the first step for our brands to a future without acceleration.
Our program is oriented on both the entrepreneurial and the fashion sides, to be as complete as possible, it lasts 4 months and includes courses in entrepreneurship, project management, digital marketing, legal training, and workshops in collection development, fashion shootings, product design, production…
We elaborated this program with our partners, to be as close to the industrial reality as possible. Each training can last between 3 hours in total to 2 months, depending on the brands needs and background.
We also proud ourselves with a large list of coaches. People who shape today’s fashion world, they will be in contact with our brands to give them advice and help them rethink their products.

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